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Poop Is Just One Letter Different From Pop

Last night I was tucking my 8 year old daughter Sasha in

...when she says to me "good night poop - 

er I mean good night Pop!"

To which I replied:

"Poop is just one letter different from Pop, isn't it?"

And we both had a good laugh.

What does this have to do with anything?

I was contemplating the exchange today and it made me 
think about a valuable business lesson I've learned over
the years.

The difference between success and failure with your 
marketing can be as small as changing one letter in a 

...so your results can either be poop or pop.

How would you classify your marketing?

If it's on the poop side, I can help you change it into

All you have to do is set up a marketing strategy session
by using this link:


To the victor belong the spoils,


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