My Uncensored Opinion On Marketing

Back in 2003, I was recruited to be an agent for a large
insurance company.

I’ll never forget that experience.

The DM who hired me was this big guy named Dean.

He had one of those huge rings on his finger – in fact I
thought it was a Super Bowl ring at first!

Dean was a smooth talker.

He pumped me full of promises about how easy it would
be to make $250k+ as an agent.

All I had to do was sell.

I figured that I was a shoe in. After all, I had already cut my
teeth selling wireless phones for 4 years.

And I was damn good, making $7500+ a month.

Then reality hit my first month in office…

How can I sell if I don’t have anyone to sell to???

They didn’t teach me much about marketing. When I was
hocking phones in the mall, people just walked up all day

That’s when I had an epiphany.

Selling is great, but marketing is KING. Wealth, prosperity
and abundance only follow those that can create a consistent
flow of qualified leads to sell to.

This sent me on a quest that has put me where I am today.

You see my passion is developing marketing systems. It’s
what I love and what I’m best at.

And it’s taken me a decade to get really good at it.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned something else about

When you have a good marketing system in place, you don’t
even need to sell!

Closing tactics become pointless.

Hard closes dead.

Because you’ve put the very best prospect in front of you. And
when you show them your solution, they want to move forward.

That’s where the real money’s made.

Plus, your business turns from “work” to fun.

Here’s the problem.

Most business owners I talk to can’t create these kinds of marketing

Because it takes time, effort, skill and MONEY to find out what works.

Which means there’s a need in the market for someone like me.
And it’s why I changed my business model from teaching people
how to build marketing systems to doing it for them.

Now let me tell you, what I do is NOT cheap.

And it’s NOT right for everyone.

But if you want to take your business to the next level by partnering
with me to run your marketing for you…

…achieving incredible results and huge ROI’s…

Then we MIGHT be a good fit.

Here’s how you can find out.

Just use the link below to request a FREE 30 minute marketing strategy
session with me personally.


In this session, I’ll analyze your business and give you a specific plan
of action to start generating the leads and sales you want in your

As quickly as possible.

If you qualify, we can talk about having my company execute on that
plan of action for you.

Normally I charge $97 for these sessions…

But if you use the link below in the next 24 hours, I’ll waive that fee.


I look forward to speaking with you.