I Did $10 Million In Sales Last Year…

Got a phone call from a new client today.

He has a real estate company that sells cash flowing
properties to other investors and then manages the
property so it’s completely turn-key.

This guy was extremely skeptical before we started
working together…

I guess he got burned in the past.

Anyway, I built a traffic and lead system for him.

Leveraging Facebook.

And generating appointment requests from people who want
to buy property from him.

Launched it on Friday.

We’re already getting 1 appointment request a day.

At about $45/appointment.

His margin is a minimum of $10k per property.

Needless to say, he’s stoked.

In fact, this will be a complete game changer for his

Here’s an excerpt from our call:

Client: “This is awesome! What else can I throw at you?
Did I tell you I have 3 other products that did $10
million in sales last year? Let’s get started on those!”

Me: “Sounds good”

I love calls like this.

Not because it means I’ll make more money (which is

But because my clients are getting results that change
their businesses.

That’s what I focus on.

When I get them results, I get results.

It’s a win/win.

I’m still looking for a few more clients that want
results with their online marketing.

People that are a good fit.

Here’s a risk free way for us to find that out (if you’re
interested in results).

Just apply for a free 30 minute marketing strategy
session using the link below.


We’ll get on a call.

Review your biz.

And goals.

Then I’ll give you a specific strategy to get the
traffic, leads and sales you want.

If you think we’re a good fit to execute on that
strategy, we’ll talk about that.

If not, no big deal.

At least you’ll know what you need to do.

Right now I’m doing these sessions free if you use the
link below. Once I have the last 3 spots in my agency
filled, I’ll start charging $97 for these calls again.


To the victor belong the spoils,