Farmer tanned feet underwater

I live out in the Sonoran desert of Arizona.

A place so hot in the summer I refer to it as Satan's 

Thankfully, our house has a pool.

My 8 year old daughter Sasha loves swimming in it.

And she drags me out there almost every day!

Saturday I was sitting in the pool looking at my farmer
tanned feet underwater.

As the water would move, there would be a moment when
it was perfectly clear.  I could see every last little 
detail in my feet.

Then the moment would pass as the water got stirred up.

It made me reflect on business.

One thing I've strived for over the last 10 years is 

For the longest time I would jump from idea to idea,
system to system, model to model.

Looking for a solution.

It just ended up making me more confused and unsure of 
what to do next.  It was frustrating and depressing.

I had spent so much money with little to no return.

Which made it hard to keep pulling the trigger...

Thankfully, I don't give up.

And I just plow forward.

Because I ended up getting the clarity I was looking for
in my business.  That clarity ONLY comes from having a
marketing strategy in place that produces a reliable,
predicatable stream of leads that turn into sales.

Now I'm certain YOU want that clarity in your business

I can give you that.

All you have to do is request a 30 min marketing strategy 
session with me personally.


You'll walk away knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to
achieve your goals.

So this will most likely be the most profitable time you
invest into your business this year.

To the victor belong the spoils,


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